Former Community Board chair running for Civil Court judge

Lyle Frank (Photo courtesy of the candidate)

Lyle Frank (Photo courtesy of the candidate)

By Sabina Mollot

An East Midtown Plaza resident and former chair of Community Board 6 is now turning his attention towards public office. Lyle Frank, an attorney who works for the City Council, is running for Civil Court judge for the second municipal court district. His campaign was officially kicked off last week with a fundraising party at the Stuy Town home of Tilden Club President Mark Thompson.

Frank, who’s also from Stuy Town originally, has lived at EMP for 38 years, now raising his six-year-old twins Gavin and Catherine there with his wife, Elyssa Kates. She, too, is an attorney, with the firm BakerHostetler.

This week, Frank spoke with Town & Village about his campaign, and how his desire to become a judge was inspired by his father, Louis, who was also a judge.

“I’m very fortunate that the jobs I’ve had I’ve enjoyed,” said Frank, “but my father was an administrative law judge. He handled a lot of workers’ compensation cases; these were people who got hurt on the job, and he had a great temperament and he was everything you’d want in a judge.”

That’s when Frank realized serving as a judge was “just a great job and very rewarding. It’s just a dream of mine.”

He also believes he’s the right person for the job, meeting a requirement of at least 10 years of experience as an attorney (he’s got over 17), including seven as an arbitrator, helping many cases get concluded in Small Claims Court.

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