Goodbye summer, hello fall

Ajna Dance Company performed at Waterside Plaza in July.

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Although the official end of the season isn’t until the end of this month, the unofficial end of summer comes at the start of the school year, which begins for public school students this week. With another summer over, Town & Village takes a look back at some of the activities and events in the neighborhood that took place in the last few months in the sunshine and heatwaves.

After an announcement earlier this year that concerts at Stuyvesant Cove wouldn’t happen this summer due to a cut in funding, the park’s association got sponsorship for the series from New York City Ferry, operated by Hornblower. The funding was initially short because the application process for receiving discretionary funds from Councilmember Keith Powers had become too complicated and time-consuming for Stuyvesant Cove Park Association, an all-volunteer run organization.

This season opened with a performance from the NYPD Jazz Band on July 9 and the Haggard Kings brought country sounds to Stuyvesant Cove on July 15. Sean Mahony and the New York Swing Orchestra performed on July 17. Rutkowski Family and Friends performed in Stuyvesant Cove on July 24 after the original date was postponed due to rain. Harlem Renaissance Orchestra performed the final show of the season on July 30.

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Opinion: The summer of miracles

By former Assemblymember Steve Sanders

Much of my childhood growing up in Stuyvesant Town was shaped by politics, current events and sports. Not surprisingly, it still is.

The summer of 1969, fifty years ago, was a time of extraordinary and nearly unfathomable moments. For those of us who were part of that generation it left indelible memories.

The year before was marked by tragedy and turmoil the likes of which we had not seen before. The urban street riots and looting across the nation. The assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy rocked us to the core. The anti-war protests that enveloped the Democratic National Convention in Chicago while hundreds of American soldiers died each month in Vietnam.

The anger stirred by George Wallace who ran for President mostly on his racist segregation policies, and carried five southern states in a contentious election that ultimately Richard Nixon won by a hair.

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Where to go swimming in Manhattan

july28 waterside-pool

The pool at Waterside Plaza

By Sabina Mollot

While the scorching heat wave that baked the Big Apple for over a week has finally come to a close, the summer has still just begun. Fortunately, there are still opportunities to cool off without traveling far since the borough of Manhattan is not without the man-made oases of swimming pools. Read on for a few local options.

Waterside Health & Swim Club, 35 Waterside Plaza

The heated pool at Waterside Plaza is open to non-residents as well as residents through either a membership to the adjoining health club or a day pass. The gym, with its glass walls and high ceiling (and retractable roof), offers views of the East River and Brooklyn skyline.

A day pass is $20 for adults, $10 for children. Current membership is $655 for an adult or $66 a month, a family membership for 3-5 people is $1,425 for a year or $130 per month, and a full-time student membership is $545 for year or $55 for month. Memberships also include fitness classes and access to a sundeck. For more information, call 212-340-4224 or visit 

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Indoor places to take your kids when it’s just too hot outside

The pool at Waterside can be used by non-members who purchase a day pass.

The pool at Waterside can be used by non-members who purchase a day pass.

By Sabina Mollot

While the city is finally starting to see some relief after a too-long heat wave made even more brutal due to the humidity, the summer is still only half over. Sure, there a variety of local, outdoor activities for kids scheduled throughout the summer (See T&V’s Around & About section for details), but those can get rained out and other times, it’s just too hot to be out all day. So, this week, Town & Village is putting the spotlight on a few local places where parents can bring their kids for some recreation in indoor, air-conditioned bliss.

One is Ibiza Kidz, the new shop in Stuyvesant Town which has branched out from just selling clothes, shoes and toys to offering weekly puppet shows.
Not long after opening the store around the holidays, Carole Husiak, who owns the business with her husband Johnny, started looking at additional ways to use the space on First Avenue. She ended up deciding to host puppet shows on Thursday mornings at 10 a.m. and again at 11 a.m. The shows quickly became draws to the point where some parents were opting to pay for a few in advance at a discount rather than just dropping in. (That would be $22 as opposed to the $25 drop-in rate, which includes admission for the adult accompanying the child.) There are also occasional book readings.

Husiak, who also lives in Stuyvesant Town, explained, “We’re going beyond the classic retail concept. By focusing on more than just the merchandise it serves the community so much better. That’s what I’m hearing from all the parents.”

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The summer that was – A look back at community events

By Maria Rocha Buschel

Summer is quickly drawing to a close, with an autumn chill in the early morning air and school starting up again soon. And with the last unofficial day of the season, Labor Day, occurring yesterday, we thought we would share a look back at some of the summer activities that took place in the community.

This summer saw the return of the popular concert series on the Solar One stage at Stuyvesant Cove Park, with the only complaint some Town & Village readers had being that the series was too short. Performers also got in the summer spirit at Madison Square Park underneath the Fata Morgana canopy installation in an Afro-Cuban dance workshop and performance in July. In what is becoming an annual tradition, area residents were also able to enjoy the waterfront through the free kayaking events, hosted in Stuyvesant Cove Park for the final time for the season last weekend.

Click through for photos.

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Tech classes offered at Flatiron Plaza

A tech class was held on Tuesday evening as part of an annual outdoor program. (Photo by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

A tech class was held on Tuesday evening as part of an annual outdoor program. (Photo by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Summer programming is in full swing in the neighborhood parks and plazas, and while for some that means watching a movie outdoors or taking a free fitness class, for residents and workers in the Flatiron District it also means learning different tech skills.

General Assembly, the educational institution that has offices in the Flatiron District and which offers classes on coding, digital marketing and other topics, has been working with the Flatiron Partnership for the last four summers to bring some of their individual classes to the public. Flatiron BID/Partnership executive director Jennifer Brown said that all of the courses made available are all courses that General Assembly offers, but the BID works with GA to figure out what will be best for public programming.

“We talk with them about what would make sense for the broader community and what would make most sense for the broadest audience,” she said. “Digital marketing is something people in different industries can use, and the class on freelancers and startups can appeal to lots of different individuals and freelancers.”

The choices seem to work, as the classes have generally been well attended.

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Cooling centers open during Monday’s dangerously hot weather

Joey and Sammy Haskell load up their water guns at Stuy Town's Playground 9 on a recent afternoon. Photo by Sabina Mollot

Joey and Sammy Haskell load up their water guns at Stuy Town’s Playground 9 on a recent afternoon. (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

With Sunday’s hot and humid weather expected to continue on Monday, the city has announced cooling centers will be open.

Additionally, due to the dangerously hot weather, Mayor Bill de Blasio is urging New Yorkers to take steps to protect themselves and help others who may be at increased risk from the heat, including vulnerable individuals such as seniors and those with chronic health problems.

Forecasted temperatures for Monday are in the 90s with heat index values reaching as high as the low 100s. Additionally, an Air Quality Alert is in effect today through 11 p.m. New Yorkers should use air conditioning to stay cool, go to a place that has air conditioning if it is not available at home, drink water at regular intervals and limit strenuous activity, especially during the hottest parts of the day.

Local cooling centers include the following locations. Hours may change during heat emergencies.

Epiphany branch of the New York Public Library, 228 East 23rd Street (between Second and Third Avenue). Call (212) 679-2645 to confirm hours.

Stein Senior Center, 204 East 23rd Street (between Second and Third Avenue) through 6 p.m. UPDATE: The center announced it will be closing at 4:30 p.m.

Campos Plaza, 611 East 13th Street (between Avenues B and C). Call (212) 677-1801 to confirm hours of operation.

Sirovich Senior Center, 331 East 12th Street (between First and Second Avenues). Call (212) 228-7836 to confirm hours of operation.

Tompkins Square branch of the New York Public Library, 331 East 10th Street (between Avenues A and B). Call (212) 228-4747 to confirm hours of operation.

Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village residents can also head to the Community Center at 449 East 14th Street (First Avenue Loop at 16th Street). Another option for cooling down is heading to one of the playgrounds with water features.

Waterside residents can head to the Community Center at 40 Waterside Plaza through 6 p.m.

National Night Out on August 5

Members of the 13th Precinct’s Auxiiliary Unit at the 2013 National Night Out Against Crime (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

Members of the 13th Precinct’s Auxiiliary Unit at the 2013 National Night Out Against Crime (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

This year marks the 31st year of National Night Out Against Crime and the 13th Precinct Community Council, along with the precinct office of Community Affairs, looks forward to hosting another fun-filled evening for the community.

The event is not only a terrific opportunity for area residents to enjoy the “block-party” atmosphere, it is also a way for area businesses and organizations to reach out to the community and to show their support and appreciation for the local precinct. The event will take place in the playground at MS 104 on Second Avenue and 20th Street (Peter’s Field) from 5-8 p.m. on Tuesday, August 5.

Karpas Health Information Center, RCN Cable, the NYS Public Service Commission and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection will be on hand again as will M&T Bank, NY Life Insurance Company, Ponce De Leon Bank and many other groups.

New to the event this year will be Explore & Discover, a recent arrival to the neighborhood. Several 7-Eleven stores residing in the precinct will provide beverages and Fairway Chelsea has generously provided the evening’s menu – burgers and hot dogs cooked on the grill.

Arrangements were also made for a bounce-around-house to be on site as well as the very popular caricature artists and participants who will create balloon animals and other inflated sculptures for children.

The Dog Run

For Town & Village’s Dog Days of Summer issue, we invited readers to share photos of their dogs doing tricks, making mischief or just being themselves. Fortunately, dog owners were happy to share them as well as well as a couple of photos of other animals living in the community. Thanks and keep them coming!

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The Dog Days of Summer are coming

July25 dogs in STOn August 1, Town & Village will publish its second ever Dog Days of Summer issue, an issue devoted to all the furry friends in the community.

Town & Village is inviting readers to submit photos of their dogs, whether they’re playing in a dog run, wearing a funny costume, performing a trick or making mischief.

We’re also asking if any local dog owners have stories they want to share about their pets or other animals: Are you a dog owner with ideas about how to make the community more pet-friendly? Are you a rescuer with important info about the city’s canine population? Do you love dogs — but wish the owners around here were more responsible? If you feel you have a story to share, please call T&V at (212) 777-6611 x104 or email

If you are the owner of a dog-related businesses, please call (212) 777-6611 x114 or email to learn about advertising opportunities.

Deadline for submissions of photos or listings for local pet related events is Monday, July 29 at 5 p.m.

Emergency cooling centers open today

The New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) today announced that cooling centers will be open on Friday, June 29, and Saturday, June 30. According to the latest National Weather Service forecast, the heat index is expected to reach or exceed 95 degrees Friday and Saturday.

According to the Office of Emergency Management, cooling centers in the Stuyvesant Town area are:

Sirovich Senior Center, 331 East 12th Street (between First and Second Avenues)

Tompkins Square Library, 331 East 10th Street (between Avenues A and B)

Epiphany Library, 228 East 23rd Street (between Second and Third Avenues)

John Paul II Friendship Center, 103 East 7th Street (between First Avenue and Avenue A)

Ottendorfer Library, 135 Second Avenue (between 8th and 9th Streets)

Residents of Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village also have the option of the Community Center, 449 East 14th Street (in the First Avenue Loop at 16th Street).

At Waterside Plaza, when it’s really hot, hours are extended at either the Community Center in building 40 or the Community Room in building 30 for use of residents.

For more information, visit OEM’s Cooling Center Finder at Note: The Cooling Center Finder will be available as of 8 p.m. tonight.