Letters to the editor, July 28

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Stuy Town is filled with squirrel haters

Dear Sabina Mollot,

This is in response to your malicious article of July 14 about the little squirrels in Stuyvesant Town. You wrote the article based on “hear-say” without any fundamental proof by some malicious people who show the perpetual hatred for dogs, cats, squirrels, sparrows in Stuy-Town and Peter Cooper.

This must be the same people who many years ago started the diabolical rumor “that some Spanish speaking tenants were breaking into apartments.”

With so much going on in this country as the killing of innocent police officers, corruption at local, state and federal levels, terrorist attacks and killings of American citizens in US soil, you have the time to propagate lies against innocent animals.

I personally have suffered hateful remarks while feeding squirrels by some old timers such as: “You don’t belong here. Move.” And for those people, I want to let them know that I’m going to continue living in Stuyvesant Town as long as I wish because a) the law allows me, and b) I can afford to pay the full rent without any subsidy.

During my professional life, I worked for an international organization and traveled to many countries and never felt the amount of hatefulness in one place inflicted to decent people by some few.

And finally, you should be encouraging people to stop complaining about any little thing in the community. This is a big community and you are going to hear noise. Let the children be children, children are going to play, children are going to make noise, children are going to laugh, dogs are going to bark and young adults are going to play basketball.

Stop whining about the maintenance workers in the entire complex, they are doing an excellent job in keeping all of us in a very desirable environment.


Al Salame, ST

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Letters to the editor, May 1

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Please, kind landscaper, spare these tree branches

To the Editor:

Once upon a time, not long ago, at the M level of 271 Avenue C, there were some three dozen thriving stem rose plants and maybe some four or five dozen gorgeous yellow day-flowering plants. That was, as I wrote, once upon a time — before someone, with authority, of course, ordered that they all be ripped up and replaced with what I can only describe as junk grass clumps — that as of today, April 24, show no sign of life. Hence, what we have now is a rather sickly looking gray patch where for years we had spring beauty.

Further congratulations should be handed out to the contracted scientific-tree-care company, which seems to be just fulfilling the terms of its contract by pruning beautiful live branches with lots of nice green leaves. They were stark white at both ends — no browning, no rotting, no holes, just clear clean wood.

This gets done right out in the open with neither oversight from management nor objection from security.  No “what the %&#@$% are you guys doing destroying perfectly good limbs!”

When I asked an officer about that practice, I was told, “They are experts.” Ok, so the officer was just doing his employer’s assigned work. Got it! And the folks sitting in the sun basking? Well, they were just basking. Got that too!

Just irrational me photographing and barking and utterly ignored.

John M. Giannone, ST

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